What are the most important features for refrigerator for boat?

Boat refrigerators are designed for small spaces, they must be silent and keep food and drinks cold also when the external temperature is very high. Usually boat refrigerators work with low voltage, this means that the appliance works with 12Vdc or 24Vdc battery current.

Caratteristiche frigorifero per barca - eatures for boat refrigerator

What features allow a long life refrigerator on board?

A good designed refrigerator for yacht is built with materials resistant to the salinity and, in order to reduce battery consumption, has a deeper insulation than a domestic product.
Furthermore the compressor must be able to work even with a certain slope, expecially if we consider sailing boats.
handle of the fridge must be very strong in order to avoid overture of the door during the navigation and the shelves must have anti-fall edges or, better, drawers where bottles and food will be always safe.

Is it possible to use a domestic fridge into a boat?
What is the main difefrence betwen a domestic fridge and a refrigerator for boat?

First of all the voltage: usually appliances for boats work in low voltage (12Vdc – 24Vdc) and domestic products works in 220Vac. A domestic fridge needs an inverter or a modification: the original 220Vac motor must be replaced with one that works at 12 / 24Vdc. This change is very expensive and involves the forfeiture of the guarantee by the manufacturer. Furthermore, domestic appliances are usualy produced with thin insulation, not suitable for on board temperature, and almost never their handles ensures safe closing of the door during navigation. Even the glass shelves (without anti-fall edges), usually installed into domestic refrigerators, are not suitable for use on board because they are fragile and insecure.

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