“I founded my company in the 70s, when the world of the Italian marine industry was made only by a small group of enthusiasts.
I never thought about my company as an industry or a commercial reality, I have always considered it as craft workshop.

A workshop of ideas and projects serving the customer, who should be listened to, interpreted and guided towards the best choice.”

Giuliano Pavan (1948-2016)

High Quality Refrigerators

The word “quality” has for frigonautica many meanings and practical implications that we prefer to talk about “overall quality”.

We manufacture our products using the best quality materials and ideally suited to their location. Each detail is carried out with the utmost care, so that it can fit perfectly into the final product.
Clean and elegant design, efficiency, reliability: these are the characteristics that we have always shared by our products. Courtesy, punctuality and competence are the characteristics of people working in Frigonautica.

Design and production

Design is at the heart of all our business, because the quality of a product starts right from its concept.

Competent staff and advanced software are able to offer accurate and quickly answers. We follow small or large projects for the marine industry, but also for domestic and special industrial applications interfacing with architects, designers and final clients.

We produce

All our refrigerators are internally produced thanks to a production department with state-of-the-art equipment.

They are present in our company:

  • Complete carpentry department;
  • Sheet metal processing unit with numerical control machines;
  • assembly department with highly specialized staff;
  • Insulation department with the use of last-generation CFC expansion materials; 
  • Charging and testing department with certified machinery and test room.

This choice, which led to strong investment, allows us to have a very flexible production capacity, ready to meet changing needs